Master's program

 “Psychology of the East:

ethnicity, religion and intercultural communication”

 The Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Psychological Problems of Multicultural Education; Moscow State University of Psychology & Education (MSUPE).

Head of the Department – Oleg Khukhlaev (PhD in Psychology)/ editorial board member of peer reviewed International psychological journal “Cultural-Historical Psychology”.   Head of the master program “Applied cross-cultural psychology”.  Academic coordinator of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project  «EUROTRAINING.  European Union issues and values for Russian bachelor students» (2016-2019)

Research interests: immigration, intergroup relations, xenophobia, intercultural conflict, intercultural education, cooperative learning, cross-cultural management, intercultural training. 

Head of the Master's program – Olga Pavlova, PhD in Pedagogy, Chairman of the board of the Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims, Member of the  International Association for the Psychology of Religion; editorial board member of peer reviewed International psychological journal «Mental Health, Religion and Culture». The author of 4 monographs and 100 articles on the issues of cross-cultural psychology. Her research interests are focused on the study of the socio-psychological features of ethnic groups in the North Caucasus and the psychology of Islam and the religious identity of Muslims.

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In  2019 MSUPE  have created a Master's program “Psychology of the East: ethnicity, religion and intercultural communication” in cooperation with the Association of Psychological Assistance to Muslims.

The program is aimed at training cross cultural psychologists who will gain the skills of cross cultural interaction with representatives of the peoples of the East, given their ethnic and religious characteristics. Geographically, it is focused mainly on the Middle East, East Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Ural-Volga region.

Students will be able to choose one of the educational ways connected with the study of a particular oriental language (Arabic, Korean or Chinese).

The Arabic part of the Master’s degree is a unique educational program that combines the development of skills in the field of cross cultural communication, psychology and Islamic studies.

The program includes the study of the following:

  • Arabic with an experienced professor;
  • History and modern culture of Muslim peoples of the world;
  • Psychology of Islam;
  • Ethnic psychology and features of cross cultural communication with representatives of peoples professing Islam,
  • The specific features of the psychological work with Muslims

Our Master’s degree students will take part in international projects and field studies and exchange programs with universities of Morocco, Indonesia (in particular with Gadjah Mada University (Jakarta, Indonesia)), the United Arab Emirates.

We hope that the implementation of our Master´s program will create a new generation of psychologists who are ready to work with clients professing Islam.

Thus, a new direction of theoretical and practical knowledge was formed in Russia, the goal of which is the psychological study of the Muslim community of Russia, the phenomenon of religiousness in Islam and psychological assistance to Muslim clients.

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